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Melissa and Doug Plush Toys

Melissa and Doug Plush Toys

Melissa and Doug are well known for creating lifelike plushes that also come in many near-lifelike sizes!

The larger than life Melissa and Doug plushes are available in popular versions of sharks and dolphins, four foot giraffes, life size penguins and even popular cats and dogs.

The life size animals are a great choice for encouraging creative play with children. The animals can be purchased in a group allowing the child to interact with the animals, playing everything from Marine Biologist to Zookeeper.

Melissa and Doug Plush toys are created with high quality plush that creates an animal the child want to pet and explore, encouraging questions and learning about the animal through the realistic features that can be seen through its body.

High quality textiles and stitching are used throughout the features to transition from color to color or even add in realistic textures, like the shell of the Melissa and Doug Giant sea turtle.

Product Features:

  •   Plush toys available in all forms of the Animal Kingdom
  •   Wire base animals can be easily formed into lifelike poses
  •   High Quality toys that will last for years, and multiple children
  •   Realistic animal features will encourage imaginative play

Many toy stuffed animals become tiresome after a short period of time, but Melissa and Doug Plush toys can be used to enthrall andMake - Your - Own Monster Puppet infant, encourage imagination and learning in toddlers and even as part of pretend for pre-school and young children. Once the child becomes older they can learn to identify parts of the animal and learn about the habitat, encouraged by the realistic appearance that comes with the choice of a Melissa and Doug Plush toy.

Lasting for years, through multiple children, these stuffed animals are a true investment to the imagination of your child and can provide hours upon hours of entertainment.